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How to get shop and establishment license in Bangalore?

Obtaining a Shops and Establishment license in Bangalore is mandatory for most businesses, including small restaurants, cloud kitchens, offices, gyms, salons, factories, manufacturing units, software companies, and any other commercial establishments.

The process of obtaining a Shops and Establishment license in Bangalore is relatively straightforward. Government fees vary based on the number of employees, not the nature of the business.

Below are the steps to be followed for obtaining a Shops and Establishment license in Bangalore:

Create login credentials: Generate login credentials by providing the company name, username, email address, and phone number.

Application Filling: Enter details such as company name, address, and select the jurisdiction based on the BBMP ward number. Depending on the type of business—sole proprietorship, partnership firm, LLP, or private limited—include partners' and directors' information and upload necessary documents.

Nature of Business: Choose the business type from the dropdown options, specify the nature of the business, and provide the number of male and female employees. Note: Government fees differ based on the number of employees.

Upload Documents: Upload the rental agreement, Aadhar card, partnership deed (for partnerships), and memorandum and articles of association (for private limited companies).

Make Payment: Submit the payment along with the payment challan and signed application. Then proceed to submit the application and download the acknowledgment.

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