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How to get food license for home made foods or cloud kitchen in Bangalore?

Updated: 5 days ago

Homemade foods License
Food License for home Foods

One needs to get food license from Fssai department to sell homemade foods or cloud kitchen in swiggy and zomato from Bangalore. You can apply for food license in the category of food vending establishment kind of business in foscus website govt website with photo, address proof (rental agreement or aadhar card) for homemade foods Note: if the place of preparation of food and the address on the aadhar are same means one can upload aadhar card has address proof, if the address on aadhar is different from food preparation place then one needs to provide address proof has rental agreement.

Other documents the officer might require would be water testing report, health certificate of food handlers, turnover copy in case of turnover is less than 12 lakhs in a year etc.. with all these complicated process one can take our consultation for food license without any difficulty and make the process easy.

Food establishment kind of business allows to prepare and sell both veg and non-veg food items from home across all online aggregators like zomato, swiggy, cookr apps, food license is more then enough to sell food in online however, incase of dessert items GST is mandatory to tie up with zomato and swiggy. even though if you are not selling the foods in online portal but preparing and selling the foods for commercial purpose that is intend to make profits then its mandatory for obtain the food license.

Below are the most homemade prepared food in Bangalore.






Dosa Butter




Fried rice

Biryani and Kababs

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