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How to do Partnership firm registration in Bangalore?

A Partnership firm is formed with minimum of two or more persons in the intension to start and manage a business by agreeing on the capital investment, profit sharing in certain ratio and share roles responsibilities. Partnership deed makes everything clear between the partners and avoids any conflicts in future.

In Partnership firm registration the most important part is to drafting the partnership deed with all partners details, company name, nature of business, business place address, capital investment by each partner, profit sharing ratio among partners and along with roles and responsibilities.

After drafting the partnership deed, one needs to make a company seal and all partners need to make signature on each page of partnership deed along with company seal and need to apply for Pan card and this would take 10 working days to receive the pan card. one Ethier directly apply for pan card based on the partnership deed or even that partner deed can be registered under sub registration office and get separate partnership registration certificate.

Documents required for partnership firm registration in Bangalore

Partnership Deed

Aadhar card of Partners

Rental Agreement of Business place

Passport Size Photo of Partners

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