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How to do GST registration in Bangalore for sole proprietorship?

Updated: 5 days ago

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GST Registration

GST Registration is a complete online process, to do GST Registration in Bangalore for sole Proprietor below documents are required and that needs to upload in the GST portal along with business details.

Documents and details required for GST Registration in case of Proprietorship

Photograph of Individual

Pan Card

Aaadhar card

Rental Agreement

Electricity Bill

Property Tax paid receipt

Email Address

Phone Number

Business Name

Nature of business

Few things to be kept in mind while applying for GST.

1 Ensure the name on power bill (that is owner name) same name should to be referenced on the rental agreement has first party and second party should be sole Proprietor name and furthermore the building number referenced on the power bill, same number should be displayed on the Rental Agreement.

2. one need to deal with size of the records, if the size of the documents are huge those documents should be compressed to small size, one can utilize document compressing sites and lessen the size of the document.

3. Now and again in the event that the address isn't clear on the Electric bill, the Inspector might demand you to present the property tax paid receipt or katha copy.

4. Assuming the building is possessed by sole proprietor or any close family member one need to submit Property Tax paid receipt or katha copy alongside NOC of Owner.

5. Assuming a people address on Aadhar is not in the same state of applying in that the tenant rental agreement should be notarized.

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