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How to apply for BBMP Food License in Bangalore?

Fssai registration or you can say about food license, Will explain in step by step the process of how to apply and when is it required. How many types of licenses are there, what documents etc. do you need, how much fee is going to be charged, how much is it going to cost.

If you want to start any type of food related business in Bangalore, then from the very beginning you have to take a Fssai license or food license. This Certificate comes with a 14 digit number. You can find details like Name of your firm, address and for how long the food license is valid, all these details are mentioned in the certificate and after taking a print out of this certificate, you can take it to your shop or wherever you are. Running food related business etc.

Let's Discuss about which type of licenses are there, mostly there are three types of licenses here, one is If you have just started your business recently and your sales turnover is not higher than 12 lakhs, if you are expecting to reach more than 12 lakh within a year, then you simply apply for the State Fssai License Apart from this, if your sales are more than Rs. 20 crores, then against it you can go for a Central License. There are some businesses where you will have to look at some other things instead of turnover. For example, Capacity of production, Import and Export Business, E-commerce business.

Step 1

Select Karnataka State from where you are operating!

Simply select the state within which you want to operate, after that, here you will be asked the type of business, you need to select small business, all your categories are covered under the food service segment, which includes retailers of snacks and tea shops, hawkers, restaurants, food vending establishments, clubs and canteens, Caterers and hotels etc.

Step 2

Select Kind of Business for Food License

Suppose if I go into Trade and Retail, here you can see that in the Retailer category it will ask me what your turnover, because on the basis of that the system will be able to tell you whether you have to go with Basics or State. Should I go with a local license or should I go with a central license? Similarly, if I talk about restaurants, it is the same story there too

Step 3

You can select multiple Kind of business on same license

If you are running a business where you are manufacturing any product etc. then if you are selling then you have to go to the manufacturing category. Plus if you are selling something in the retail category then here you can sell out etc. If you are going into the retail category, then you will have to go into the category in a simple manner, then here you get the option of both retailer and wholesaler, so suppose if you are going into the food service, then you will have to do three things in each category in a simple manner.

Step 4

Upload Documents for Food License

You can upload required documents based on nature of business you can give your PAN card or Aadhar card number etc. in this, it is best that you give your Aadhar card number here because in it your Address etc. is also mentioned, then your front side Aadhar card and your back side Aadhar card can be easily uploaded here by combining both of them in a single file.

Step 5

Govt Fees For Fssai Registration and License

If you are going with Basic, you are going with State or you are going with Central the govt fees differs from each other, if I talk about the general fee, then the fee for Basic license starts at ₹ 100 per year. You can apply for maximum 5 years in one go, so let's say ₹ 500 INR. State Food License govt fees starts with ₹ 2000 INR to ₹ 5000 INR for each and central Fssai License govt fees is ₹ 7500 INR.

Documents required for Fssai License in Bangalore

Passport Size Photograph

Addhar Card

Pan Card

Rental Agreement

Electricity Bill and NOC (incase of Homemade foods)

Some additional documents may be required, it depends on the nature of your business, so if you are not applying for basic license, if you have a specific based business-like dairy etc., then in that case you will also have to submit additional documents here

Machinery Photos

Machiney List

Blueprint of Production Layout

Can this application of yours be rejected? Yes, it can definitely be rejected. If you are applying for the first time, you do not have much knowledge about how documentation etc. works and under which category your business falls. Under which category you have to apply or if you have to select which products etc. then your application may get rejected here. Many times you may be asked for NOC here.

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